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Experience the island of Rhodes

Here you can find some recommended activities near Faliraki, in the heart of Rhodes, while staying in Mazoren Art Hotel.

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Rattan Cuizine & Cocktail Restaurant

The Rattan team does their best to make sure that every visit is remembered and cherished for lifetime. It shows that a meal is not just a meal, its food which is prepared with passion and a lot of experience along with expertise and hospitality. In the warm and relaxing atmosphere, the menu is carefully designed inspired by the unique and savory local products. The guests are introduced with refined Greek cuisine with an own point of view. The cuisine itself is considered as a wise cuisine and the way the kitchen operates; by managing the ingredients or by expertise makes it wise. The food is light and the guests are able to see everything happening.

Rhodes Waterpark

Rocket down towering water slides, ride the swells in the wave pool or just float around at Greece’s largest waterpark.

Seven Springs

Rhodes has a small, hidden paradise and reveals only the nature lovers. This is none other than Seven Springs, located 10 km from our hotel. In a beautiful setting with tall plantains, named after the seven springs where you splash cool running waters, you will have the chance to experience moments of incredible relaxation with absolute protagonist in nature.
* Do not miss to visit the homonym lake of the area, crossing the small narrow tunnel that starts from the ravine and will lead you to your destination.

Horse Riding

Riding in Rhodes is a very popular sport. In the island there are horse-riding clubs and horse-riding events are organized throughout the year. It is one of the most beautiful ways to get to know the island and its nature!

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